Arabahmet District

Arabahmet District, which has now lost most of its historical features, is located in the southwest of Nicosia within the city walls and between Sarayönü Square and Paphos Gate. The neighborhood was known as ‘Paphos Street’ during the Ottoman period, ‘Viktoria Street’ during the British Colonial period and now ‘Martyr Salahi Şevket Street’. The neighborhood has a deep-rooted historical past dating back to the Lusignan period. A large part of the historical neighborhood, whose houses were ruined because it remained in the border area after 1963, is located on Zahra Street and Tanzimat Street in the west, along Victoria (Martyr Salahi Şevket) Street in the east, and in the narrow streets opening to these three main streets.

This neighborhood, like the other neighborhoods of Nicosia, attracts attention with its labyrinth-like narrow streets, single or two-storey houses with or without bay windows, low arched entrance doors, bay windows and decorated wooden eaves. Support details on doors, windows and bay windows enrich the silhouette of the neighborhood.

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