Nazim Al-Haqqani

The most important name of the Naqshbandi community in the world, which has an important place in terms of influence and population among Islamic sects, Sheikh Nazım Kıbrısi El Haqqani, who is 92 years old, was born on April 21, 1922 in Larnaca. Kıbrısi, known as His Excellency Sheikh Muhammed Nazım Adil el-Kıbrisi el-Hakkani el-Rabbani, had been living in his dervish lodge in Lefke for many years. Kıbrısi has many followers in European countries, especially England, Asia and America.

Kıbrısi studied at the Faculty of Chemistry in Istanbul in the 1940s. During his years of residence in Istanbul, he continued his religious education by adhering to the Naqshbandi sheikh Süleyman Erzurumi. With the permission of his teacher, he went to Damascus and carried out scientific and religious studies with Sheikh Abdullah Dagestani. He took his teacher’s place after his death in 1973. Nazım Kıbrısi announced in 2011 that his son, Mehmet Adil Efendi, would replace him and continue the “lineage”.

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