St. Mamas Church and Icon Museum

The Church, built for St. Mamas, one of the well-known saints of the Byzantine period, is located in the Güzelyurt district of Cyprus. After the destruction of the church built during the Byzantine period, the Lusignans completed the church in 1725 on the remaining ruins and built the center of the church in the form of a dome.

A part of the church, which reflected Gothic architectural features when it was first built, was preserved and the church has undergone many changes until today. You can more or less see the traces of the period he went through. The relief of St. Mamas, located next to the entrance door of the church, is usually depicted on a lion, with a staff in his hand and a lamb on his lap. The reason why it is depicted this way is that Mamas tames wild animals.

Aziz Mamas traveled to many places, but mostly lived in Çankırı, Cappadocia and the foothills of Mount Hasan.

Although it is said that he never came to Cyprus, it is said that he lived in the Güzelyurt district of Cyprus for a while in the 12th century. The reason why churches were built in his name in many places after St. Mamas died is that his body was dismembered and distributed to the places he visited and buried there. St. Mamas’ tomb is located on the left side of the northern entrance. It is known that St. Mamas died on September 2, and rituals are held in his name every year on this date.

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