Mevlevi Lodge, one of the most important buildings of Cyprus during the Ottoman period, is located just beyond the Kyrenia Gate in Nicosia. Generally, the current lodge was built in the 17th century on land given by a courtier named Emine Sultan. YY. It is claimed that the uninscribed tomb, which was built at their head and next to the north-eastern outer wall of the mausoleum buildings, belongs to Emine Sultan. In the first period of its construction, the lodge included sections such as a semahane, tomb, dervish rooms, kitchen and guest rooms. As of 1873, 36 people, including masnavi khan, sheikh and dervishes, were working in the lodge. The lodge, which lost its function after 1954, is currently used as a museum, where Mevlevi costumes, musical instruments and ethnographic materials are exhibi