Nicosia Courts Building The Lusignan Palace was a palace built by the Lusignans in Nicosia and was used as the residence of the "duke" or "governor" (Byzantine Katapan) during the Lusignan period. It was the third palace built by the Lusignans in Nicosia and was the home of the island's chief constable, Sir Hugh de la Baume, before the Second Lusignan Palace was sacked. In 1427 it became the royal palace of Lusignan. It fell into the hands of the Venetians in 1489. The Venetians used the palace as the governor's palace and called it "Palazzo del Governo" (Governor's Palace). It began to be used as the mansion of Ottoman governors in 1570. In 1878, the island came under British rule, and the palace continued to be used as an official building. In 1904, it was demolished on the grounds that it was too weak and dilapidated, and today's Nicosia Courts were built in its place. Restoration was carried out in various parts of the buildings from 1998 to 2009. Currently, these buildings are used by the Supreme Court, Nicosia District Court, Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and Nicosia Land Registry Office.   Nicosia Post Office Building The Nicosia Post Office building was built by the British colonial administration in 1925. Turks and Greeks worked together in this building, which was used by the Republic of Cyprus for postal services until 1960. In the following years, the Provisional Turkish Cypriot Administration established the Turkish Cypriot Posts; He made the building the center of this institution.