Kyrenia Marina is located in the touristic city of Kyrenia. The restaurants and bars located behind the horseshoe-shaped recess present a picturesque appearance. The presence of the castle from the Lusignan period, located at the entrance of Kyrenia Marina (from the seaway side), further increases the richness of the Marina. The buildings, which currently function as restaurants and bars, were previously used as warehouses for carob (carob) and salt, which were exported from Cyprus to Anatolia and Europe. The port, which had an important place in the export of carob and salt, was tried to be developed by building a breakwater and a single-storey customs building during the British Colonial Period (after 1880). In 1914, a second floor was added to this customs building (the stone-made building currently used as the Marina Office) and its final shape was given. The port (customs building), which was previously used for passenger purposes, was transferred to the Turkish Cypriot Tourism Enterprises in 1991 and its infrastructure was built and opened as a Marina Enterprise. Today, the Marina, which is the only one in TRNC, provides various services to many foreign boats and hosts them with its hospitable servi