With such a diverse landscape, ideal climate conditions, abundant resorts, rich history and heritage, it’s no wonder North Cyprus attracts visitors of all ages and cultures from across the globe. Whether it’s the toddler with their swimming armbands in the paddling pool, the curious junior exploring a new environment, the teenager gifted with some free space to themselves without the parents nagging, dad having a quiet drink with his feet in the appetising waters, mum regaining some well-earned energy whilst searching for her tan, knowing everyone else in the family is safe and content, or the couple polishing their romance and intimacy in a one week island adventure, the young adults sporting the extreme at day and flashing the clubs at night, to the sweetly retired pursuing new memorable occasions in tranquil settings – NCY offers a unique blend and choice of pursuits for everyone at the same time. For
It is stated in an inscription on the wall that this building was built by Simone Nostrano, a Syrian merchant, in 1360. Despite the bombardment in 1571, it survived with its solid structure. It is thought that the northern entrance, which has a unique stone workmanship, was brought from another place. The interior of the building is quite simple, and its ceiling is placed on columns with flat heads. The Ottomans began to use the building as a mosque during their rule on the island. During the British Period, potatoes, grains, etc. It became known as Buğday Mosque because it was used as a warehouse for various purpo
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