Salamis Ruins is an ancient city located about 6 km north of the city of Famagusta. The city was founded near the basin where the Pedios (Kanlıdere) river, originating from the Troodos Mountain, flows into the sea. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century, covered by trees and soil, and most of the city was unearthed during excavations between 1952 and 1974. The excavations, which were interrupted in 1974, were restarted by Ankara University in 1998. The city, which is also mentioned in the Bible, witnessed the sermons of the apostle Barnabas and the apostle P
Kocareis bungalows started its service on the eastern coastline of Famagusta in 1976, initially selling soft drinks only during seasons. Over time, it first started to serve in the accommodation sector with only five rooms, and since 1985 it has started to provide service all year round. The first new block bungalow construction was completed in the early 90s, and it gained its current appearance with the addition of the other two blocks. Bungalows: There are three types of bungalows in our facility. These; We can classify it as four-person, three-person and two-person. Our four-person bungalows have a mezzanine floor and have two beds and two sofa beds. Our three-person bungalows have two beds and a pull-out bed, and our two-person bungalows have a double bed. All bungalows have a gas stove with oven, a refrigerator, a pot, a pan, plates, cutlery and glasses depending on the number of people, and a television as standard. Each bungalow has a private balc