Kantara Castle, which is the easternmost of the three castles on the Kyrenia Mountains, was established at an altitude of approximately 700 meters. It is a strategic castle due to its location that can control the northern coast, the Mesarya plain and the entrance to the Karpaz peninsula. St. Although it is estimated that it was built by the Byzantines after the Arab raids, such as Hilarion and Buffavento castles, it is first mentioned in written sources in 1191, when Richard the Lionheart captured Cyprus. The name of the castle is heard most during the Lusignan and Venetian periods. It was the scene of many wars during these periods. Although the Genoese occupied Nicosia and Famagusta in 1373, the castle remained in the hands of the supporters of King Peter I. It is known that Prince John, brother of King Peter I of Cyprus, escaped from captivity in the hands of the Genoese and took refuge in the castle. The castle was surrounded by walls in 1391 by King James. After the Venetians captured the island, this castle, like other castles far from the sea, was demilitarized and lost its former importance. The castle has sections such as a defense area, soldiers' rooms, a water cistern, vaulted rooms and a signal to