Martyrdom Martyrdom in the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation; It was built in memory of Officers, Petty Officers, Privates and Privates. The name of the martyrdom; He participated in the Cyprus Peace Operation as the 50th Infantry Regiment Commander, went to Pladini beach with his regiment and stood in front of the house, which is currently used as the Peace and Freedom Museum, which was chosen as the command post in the attack on the 2nd day of the operation. Fehmi ERCAN and Sıhhiye Private Mustafa GİRGİN and the martyred Regiment Commander Pd.Kd.Col. It is taken from Halil İbrahim Karaoğlano
This museum has a small but beautiful collection of Turkish carpets that is worth popping in and having a look at if you're a textiles fan. It's tucked behind the Bedes
The cemetery that has existed in Kyrenia for a long time is known as the Ancient Islamic Cemetery, Baldöken Cemetery or Kyrenia Islamic Cemetery. The cemetery, which was previously called a martyrdom, later became a general cemetery with the burial of those who were not martyrs. The cistern built by Muhassıl Seyyid Emin Efendi in the cemetery was restored by the Greeks in 1